Spectrum Digital
Spectrum Digital

Spectrum Digital, Inc. - Spectrum Digital, Inc. (a Texas corporation) designs, develops, and manufactures development tools for Digital Signal Processors, Digital Signal Controllers, and SoCs developed by Texas Instruments. These development tools include JTAG emulators, processor evaluation boards, starter kits, software development and debug suites, flash programming utilities, boundary scan debuggers, and Fuzzy Logic engines. Spectrum Digital was founded in 1986 with the simple goal to provide cost effective, quality, portable development tools that were well documented and supported. Today these popular tools are being sold and supported world wide in 23 countries. These development tools are being produced in house to reduce costs, control quality, and make timely deliveries to our customers. Because of this commitment Spectrum Digital is now the leading provider of development tools for TI DSPs, DSCs, OMAP™, DaVinci™, and TI ARM based processors.


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